I have been blogging for only a short while now but when I first started I realized that I did not know much about blogging at all so I decided to join blogging 101 to improve my blogging skills.

My name is Marybeth and I am getting ready to start the Spring semester of my sophomore year. I love rock music, writing and reading and I do both now whenever I have a chance. I haven’t done much writing yet but since I started my blog I have had a few ideas. When I am not at school I am usually reading about 10 books at once and I am constantly on Goodreads. When I am in college I still go to the library but I usually only get about 5 books read a month sometimes maybe less. I haven’t decided on what I want to do when I graduate but I am looking at writing or graphic designing at the moment.

When I am not reading, writing or going to school I am spending time with my family, hiking, playing video games and catching up on all the shows I have missed during the school semester.