Book: The Banished of Muirwood

Author: Jeff Wheeler

Series: Covenant of Muirwood

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, Young adult

Pages: 416

Rating: 3 stars

Date Completed: 2/16/16

Summary from Goodreads: In a stand-alone series set in the world of Muirwood, eighteen-year-old Maia is the exiled princess of Comoros and heir to the throne. As a result of her father’s ceaseless need for authority, she was left disinherited and forced to live as a servant in her enemy’s home. When the king invites chaos into the land by expelling the magical order known as the Dochte Mandar, Maia finds herself on a perilous quest to save her people. To survive, she must use magic she has learned in secret—despite the fact that women are forbidden to control it. Hunted by enemies at every turn, Maia realizes that danger lurks within her, too. Her powers threaten to steal not only her consciousness but also her sense of right and wrong. Can she set herself free and save the realm she loves—even if that realm has forgotten her?

I received this ebook from Netgalley for an honest review. 

I really wanted to enjoy this book more than I did because the summary made it sound really good. Before I started this I had no idea that there was a another series before this one and even though they are different I think I might look into the other series if I decide to continue this series.

Summary: Maia is the Princess of Comoros but her father has banished her. She eventually leaves the city to go on a special mission with a Kishion – who is apparently an assassin – and Jon Tayt who she meets when she starts her journey. As the story progresses Maia has dreams of her past before she was sent to find this lost abbey that her father asked her to look for. I loved the idea of the story but the dreams between each chapter were a little confusing. it would take me a couple of pages to realize that they were actually dreams of Maia’s past. I liked some of the characters in the story and each place and town they visited was described very well. Overall I am not sure if I would recommend this book or not but I am going to look into maybe continuing the series or reading some of the authors other books.