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  1. Chase the dark – 302 pages

Date Finished: 3/27/16

2. Bind the soul – 304 pages

Date Finished: 6/7/16

3. Yield the night – 278 pages

Date Finished: 7/15/16

Author: Annette Marie

Series: Steel & stone

Genre: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Rating: 5 stars

I received this 3 book set from Netgalley for an Honest review.  

My Review:

I found these three books on Netgalley and decided to give them a try and absolutely loved them even though they did take me a few months to read. Chase the dark (#1) introduces us to Piper who is the main character. Her goal is to become a Consul who keeps peace between the humans and Daemons. She does have a few problems though, which happen to be Lyre who is an incubus, Ash who is a Daemon and the Sahar Stone which is a very strong magical object. The story starts with a meeting in the Consul and the Sahar Stone is apparently stolen. After this Piper, Lyre and Ash are on the run and all kinds of stuff happens. I was a little confused at first because there was so much action going on but once I got into the story I really enjoyed it. I loved that it was fast-paced and the characters were awesome.

It did take me a while to get to bind the soul (#2) but when I did it did not take me long to finish once i sat down and read it. In the second book Ash is missing and Piper and Lyre go on a mission to find him. We also find out more about the Sahar stone and it’s powers and some new characters come in as well.

In Yield the NIght (#3) Piper is 18 years old and heading over to a boarding school. The story starts with her coming home for her birthday and finding out that the Gaians have been causing trouble for daemons and Consuls. She ends up getting taken by her mother who is part of the Gaians and finds out that they want to unlock her powers. She ends up going on another mission with Ash and Lyre and she ends up finding out who she really is. This one is definitely my favorite book so far and i can’t wait until i can read the next two in the series. I would definitely recommend this entire series if you enjoy fantasy.