It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at the bookdate. This is where you can talk about what you have read, what you are currently reading and what you are about to read.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

I had a pretty quiet weekend and was able to finish a couple of books that i have been working on this week. I also started signing up for 2017 challenges on Goodreads and I also have a couple that I am thinking about but not sure yet. Last week I had a Christmas party which was pretty fun and on Friday I spent the morning baking for Christmas gifts. Today i am heading over to my grandparent’s house to have a Christmas party with them. Tomorrow I will do some hiking and Wednesday I have one last thing that i have to bake and then I will probably go back home on Thursday since I have to go back to work next week.


What I read last week:


This one was really interesting although it was definitely a slow one. I ended up rating 4 stars and will probably continue the series at some point.


I started this one during the summer and never really got into it so i picked it up again this month.I will definitely get the second book sometime next year.


This book took me the whole weekend to finish but I finished it last night while watching Transformers on tv. I thought it was interesting but i had a really hard time rating it and kept going between 3.5 stars and 4 stars (I did eventually decided on 4 stars because of the ending). I’m not sure if I will continue the series or not yet.


What I am currently reading:





I am a little over halfway with this one and it is really good so far. I am hoping to finish it the end of this week.


What I am currently reading:




So this is what I have for this week. I am not sure how much reading I will do but I do have a couple of days where I will be able to make some progress. I also have a readathon that starts at the end of the weekend and i am hoping to finish the rest of my books so i can get some new books for January.
I will also have a Top ten Tuesday post tomorrow and a monthly update at the end of the week as well. There are also a couple more posts that i am hopping to post as well.

I hope you guys have a good week!