So this weekend I was able to go Books A Million this weekend and get a few books that I have been thinking about getting. Whenever I go into a bookstore I always try to get books that I normally can’t get at my library but I usually end up getting sidetracked between a few books that I want to get and I usually also see some new books that I have not heard of yet. This time I decided to only get three paperbacks although I won’t be able to read them until May after I graduate though.

Here are the covers:


The tiger’s saga isn’t quite my top favorite series but I do really enjoy it and am super excited to see how this series continues.


I’ve heard a lot of things about this series but every time I would try to get it from my library it would be checked out or I would be in school so I decided to go ahead and get it. I may start this one earlier than May but I haven’t decided yet since I still have to finish a few books on my currently reading shelf.


This is one of my top favorite series and  I always try to read them the year after they come out but last year I kept forgetting to get it from my library because I have to get it from a different one than the one that I usually go to. I will probably read this one first once I am able to.

I will probably add these to my May TBR but I am not sure yet and I will hopefully have reviews up for these as well once I have finished reading them.

What books did you recently get?