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I hope you guys had a good week!


This past week wasn’t too busy but I did have a lot of homework to do. I started Spring break on Friday since I didn’t have to go to my class that I had in the morning and went to my grandparent’s house and will stay there until Thursday. Last week I was able to finish a couple of books which i will have reviews up for sometime this week. I also went on Goodreads because the site that I do my online homework was down for a couple of hours last Wednesday and deleted quite a few books off my shelf although I still have close to 500 books on there. On Saturday I also went to see The Lego Batman movie which was really funny. There is also a Power Rangers movie that is coming out on Friday that I want to see but I may wait to see it if it comes out on Netflix. This week I have to finish a book for my research paper, write another paper and study for a test which is due the week after I get back from Spring break although I do plan on finishing a few more review books that i have on my currently reading shelf hopefully.

What I read last week:


This one was kind of meh for me. At first I thought it would be good but then right about halfway I didn’t enjoy it as much. I will have a review up for this one this week hopefully.


I’m really not sure about this one. I really liked it but I didn’t particularly like the characters that much although if I can get the second book from my library I will continue this trilogy just to see how it ends.


Currently reading:

From TBR:


I’ve made a lot of progress with this one and hope to finish it while I am on Spring break.

For review:


I’ve been able to read a few more chapters in this one and so far it is pretty good. I also hope to finish this one this week as well.

Netgalley review:


I’m not sure about this yet although I have made some progress with it but I will continue to read it and I hope to finish it later this week.


Up next:


I found this one on Netgalley and was surprised when I was able to get it. I will probably start it in the next few days or so.

What I posted last week:

Book Review #18: Johnny and Jamaal by K.M. Breakey:

So this is what I have planned for this week. I am not sure if I will have a Top Ten Tuesday up for this week because I have some errands and other stuff tomorrow that I will have to do. I will also have a couple of reviews up this week as well hopefully.


What do you plan on reading this week?