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This week was pretty busy as I had orientation last week and i went to my Grandparents house and stayed until Wednesday. I didn’t have any Internet where my grandparents are staying so whenever I went to a place that had Wi Fi I would add books that I read and checked my emails. I am back home now though and have been catching up on some anime that I have been looking forward to watching and reading.


Books I read last week.

I will be adding books that I read the week before as well since I missed last week’s update.

Of Triton (#2)  by Anna Banks:


This one didn’t take me very long to read although I just thought it was ok. I am looking forward to seeing how this trilogy ends although I am not sure if I will be able to get the last book at my library. I am hoping to read it either in December, when I am on Christmas break or sometime next year hopefully. (4 stars).


Always and forever, Lara Jean (#3)  by Jenny Han:


I was very surprised that I was able to get this one for June as I wasn’t expecting it until July but I am glad I read as it helped finish a trilogy and it also worked for a few challenges that I have been trying to finish on Goodreads as well (4 stars).


A torch against the night (#2)  by Sabaa Tahir:


This one took me a while to get to but it was probably one of my favorite books of June so far (4.5/5 stars).


The Son of Neptune (#2)  by Rick Riordan:


This one was a little better than the first one but it was still ok. I plan on listening to the third book in this series though.


In the Afterlight (#3)  by Alexandra Bracken:


I thought this one was pretty good although it did take me a lot longer than I thought it would though.


Currently reading:


I plan on starting this one later today and will hopefully finish it in the next couple of days or so.


I’ve had a bit of trouble with this one so far but I am about halfway so i am hoping to finish it in the next couple of days or so.


I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for this one so when I saw it on my Overdrive account i decided to give it a try. I should be finished with it in the next few days or so.


I’m hoping to finish this one in the next couple of days or so as i have to return it on Thursday hopefully.


I started this one last week but put it down to finish a couple of other books so I plan on picking this one back up today as well hopefully



Up Next: 







So this is what I have planned for this week. I am hoping to finish almost all of these since I have to take them back to my library by the end of the week but I am not sure how much reading I will be able to do.


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