It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at the bookdate. This is where you can talk about what you have read, what ou are currently reading, and what you are about to read.

This past week was pretty quiet. The only thing I did was have a sleepover with a friend on Monday and I also finalized some last things for school in the fall and now I am just waiting on a couple of things to go through and I will be all set. I do have a couple of emails to write and am hoping to do that next week hopefully.

This week I plan on catching up on some last minute reading since I slacked off a little bit last week and am hoping to finish up the rest of my library books that I have. I also have to start making a list of things that i still need for school and for packing as well. I probably won’t start packing until the next week though since most of my things are at my aunt’s house and the things that I have at home are clothes and other little things though. I may also get together with my friend again this week but I am not sure yet.

Also with school starting in about 3 weeks or so I will probably be able to update the first couple of weeks but I am not sure what my schedule will be like yet. I will probably post an update about school and other stuff once the semester starts though.


What I read last week: 

Steelheart (#1)  by Brandon Sanderson:


This one was definitely action-packed and I loved all of the characters in this story. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one (4 stars).


The crown’s game (#1)  by Evelyn Skye:


This was okay. I loved a few of the characters and the story was interesting. I also have the second book from the library and plan to read it this week.


Currently reading: 


I started this one a couple of  weeks ago but had to put it aside to finish some other books so i plan to finish it this week so I can take it back to the library.

Currently listening to: 


I picked this one up for a challenge on Goodreads thinking i could listen to it by the end of the month but it didn’t come until a couple of days ago through my Overdrive account so I have been listening to it on and off this weekend. I like the narrator but I don’t really like the main character that much. I’m a little over halfway so i should finish it up either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.


This is another book that I picked at the library so I plan on reading this one this week as well.


I have just started this one and so far it is pretty good. i am hoping to finish it this afternoon.


Up Next: 





So this is my plan for this week. I am hoping to read a lot more this week but I am not sure yet. I also should have a monthly update tomorrow morning as well.