It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at the bookdate. This is where you can talk about what you have read, what you are currently reading, and what you are about to read.


I just realized that it has been a while since I last posted on this so I decided that i would try and write an update today. School has started in full swing for me so i have a lot more homework than i did at tech so i haven’t been able to read books as much as I have been but I have finished 3 this month which is definitely more than I thought it would be. October looks to be really busy as well since we have midterms as well so i will be studying for those too. I have a small tentative list for October but with midterms I am not really sure how much reading I will be able to do yet.


What I have read: 

(I won’t have links up for these but I will have titles up)


Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone (#10 by J.K. Rowling:


I decided back in August hat I really wanted to reread this series again and so far it has been amazing. Definitely 5 stars and a series I would highly recommend.


The Martian by Andy Weir:


This one took me a while to finish but I am glad that I read it. the science did get to me at one point though and I had to skim over some places but it was an enjoyable read and one I would recommend (4 stars).


Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (#2) by J.K Rowling:


This one was another fast read and I look forward to reading the next one (5 stars).


Currently reading: 


This is my last manga that I have to read for one of my challenges on Goodreads so i am hoping to finish it up sometime this week or next.






Up next: 



So this is what I have planned for this week. I probably won’t be able to finish all of them this week but I am hoping to read them at some point in October. I am also going to post once a month since I don’t post regularly and then will hopefully come back in December with more reviews and posts.