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This week has been pretty busy lately as I have had a lot of reading for my classes and I’ve started to work on my papers that I have to do as well. I did manage to finish a few books this week though they were mostly short books and standalones though I was able to make some progress with some challenges on Goodreads. The weather here has been pretty warm though it has rained for most of the week and the entire weekend.  This next week looks pretty busy as well though  I am meeting with some friends for lunch and I am expecting a package for Valentine’s day as well.


What I read last week: 

The rogue queen (#3)  by Emily R. King:


I finally finished this one at the beginning of the month and it was alright. I should have a review for this one at some point hopefully (3.5/5 stars).


Out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper:


I picked this one up on my overdrive account and it was pretty good. This one only took me a few days to read but I really enjoyed the characters and the story. This is one that I would definitely recommend (4 stars).


Goodbye stranger  by Rebecca stead:


I picked this one after I finished my other book and while I enjoyed it there were a few things that I wasn’t sure about. I might have a review up for this one later hopefully (3 stars).


You were here  by Cori McCarthy:


I didn’t think I’d finish this one before I posted this update but I ended up finishing it this afternoon and it was surprisingly very good. I thought the story was interesting and i could relate to some of the characters. This is one that I would definitely recommend (4.5 stars).


Currently reading:  



I have to read this one for a paper that I have to write and while i have only read a few papers so far, it seems interesting.


I picked this one up on a whim and I’ve only read a few pages so far it does seems pretty good.


I started this one on Saturday and it seems pretty good so far. I”m hoping to finish it in the next few days or so.

Up Next: 




So is what I have planned for this week. I am not sure how much I will be able to read though I am hoping to finish a couple. I have some papers due in the next few weeks though so I may not be able to update as much.