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Well, I am back in school now after having a week off for spring break. I had a pretty busy week as I did some hiking and I had a doctors appt. last Monday that was okay. I  also helped my grandparents with some yard work as we have a ton of briers and vines around our property, so we were able to make a little bit of progress with that as well. I did make some progress with a series I have been working on finishing and I finished a couple of other books, but I still have some that I thought I could finish over break but didn’t get to yet. My aunt and uncle also had birthdays this past week and we got to hang out with them as well.

This week looks very busy as I already have a ton of research for papers that I have to do and I have a quiz towards the middle of the week. I also apparently have some research that I have to turn in by the end of the week as well. I also have to meet with one of my history professors about my minor and next week we sign up for classes for the fall next week as well. I’m hoping to squeeze in at least a couple of books this week that I have already made some progress with but I am not sure yet.


What I read last week: 

Stunning (#11)  by Sara Shepard:


This one was a fast read for me but it was probably one of my least favorite in the series so far (3 stars).


Burned (#12)  by Sara Shepard:


This took me a little longer to finish but it was definitely better than the previous novel in this series (3 stars).


The door in the hedge and other stories  by Robin McKinley:


This one took me a little longer to finish than I thought it would since it was a short book but it was ok. The first half was a little slow but once I got into the other stories in the book it didn’t take me long to finish them (2.5/5 stars).


Crushed (#13)  by Sara Shepard:


I thought this one was better than the last couple of books in this series. I’m hoping to finish the last few books either in April or May hopefully (3 stars).


Rump: The true story of Rumpelstiltskin  by Liesl Shurtliff:


This book was definitely better than I thought it would be. I loved most of the characters and loved most of the action in the story. It was a little darker than I thought it would be but I also thought it was pretty funny as well (4 stars).


Currently Reading: 


I’ve just started reading this one and it is ok so far. I have a lot of things that I have to do this week so I am not sure when I will be able to finish it but I am hoping to make some progress with it.



This one is going a little slow for me but I am hoping to finish it soon.



I also just started this one and it is really good so far. It will probably be a while before I finish it but so far  I am enjoying it.


Up Next: 





So this is what I have planned for this week. I’m not sure if I will finish any more books before the end of the month since I will be extremely busy but I am hoping to make some progress with some of them.

I hope you guys have a great week!