This is way later than I thought it would be but I just finished up the fall semester this week so I’m catching up on some blogging and reading. I’ve got some blog posts this week that I am catching up on and I’ll hopefully be able to do some other posts over the next couple of weeks. At the end of August, I got into a month-long reading slump which I didn’t get out of until October. I’ve been able to catch up since then.

I’m going to focus on my August wrap-up and then since I only read 3 books in September I’ll add those in with my November Wrap-up.

Total number of books read in August: 11 


August Wrap-up

  1. Rogue (#2) by Julie Kagawa – I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one. It did take me a while to read it but I am glad that there was more action in this one than the first one. I’m looking forward to reading Soldier at some point (4 stars).
  2. Starflight (#1) by Melissa Landers – This one was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I’m glad that I was able to read it (4 stars).
  3. Fatal Voyage (#4) by Kathy Reichs –  I’ve really enjoyed reading this series so far. I’ve watched the series and thought that I would pick up the series itself to see if I liked it. This one was set in the Smokey Mountains so it was nice to be able to recognize some of the places that were talked about since I live about a couple of hrs away from them. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series (4 stars).
  4. Siege and storm (#2) by Leigh Bardugo – I’m not entirely sure how  I feel about this trilogy yet. On one hand I have enjoyed reading these books, but on the other hand, it takes me a while to finish them. I will eventually get to Red rising though (4 stars).


August wrap-up part 2

5. The darkest part of the forest by Holly Black – I’m not entirely sure if I am a fan of Holly Black’s books but they are ok. I finally picked this one up for a few challenges on Goodreads and it was okay. I think if I had read this when I was younger I might have enjoyed it more, but I am glad that I read it (3 stars).

6. Grave Secrets (#5) by Kathy Reichs – This one was my least favorite in the series so far. It was still interesting, but it lacked some of the things that were in the previous books. I will be continuing the series though since I have the next two books (3.5/5 stars).

7. Bare bones (#6) by Kathy Reichs – This one was a lot better than the 5th book and I enjoyed it a lot more. I”m looking forward to seeing what happens in the 7th book (4 stars).

8. Monday Mourning (#7) by Kathy Reichs – This one was also really good and I can’t wait to pick up cross bones though it might be a while before I do (4 stars).

August Wrap-up Part 3

9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (#1) by Lewis Carroll – This was one of my favorite classics when I was younger and I have reread it multiple times since.

10. Everlasting (#6) by Alyson Noel – This one was my least favorite book that I read but  I was glad that I was finally able to finish this series (3 stars).

11. The boxcar children (#1) by Gertrude Chandler Warner – This was another one of my favorites when  I was younger and it was alright (4 stars).


So this was my August Wrap-up. Most of the books were pretty good though there were a few that were just okay. I got into a reading slump around the beginning of September and only read a few books. and the next couple of months were extremely busy as well.