I finally got caught up with my previous posts so now I can focus on December. I’m going to try to write up some more posts this month and I’ll have my usual posts at the end of the month as well. I”m also thinking about doing a couple of Christmas-themed posts as well. I finished finals on Monday so I’ve mostly been resting and updating on Goodreads. I did finish one book that I was reading in November and am working my way through a couple of others this week. I have a long list of books that I am planning to read but I do go into work tomorrow and Friday for a few hrs. I have Saturday off so I’ll be able to catch up as well. I’ve also caught up on a couple of shows on Netflix as well and have a few anime shows that I want to start. There are also quite a few manga books that I want to read this month and because I have so many I will most likely do a separate post on that as well.


Currently reading: 

December TBR currently reading

  1. Geekerella (#1) by Ashley Poston – I recently finished this one this week and it was alright. It took me a lot longer to get through than I thought it would. I enjoyed the beginning of the novel but had a hard time getting through it when I got about halfway. I”m glad that I read it though (3.5/5 stars).
  2. Right where I belong by Krista McGee – I picked this one up when I was looking for a good contemporary novel and thought it seemed interesting. I’ve started it but haven’t really gotten to it yet, so I’m hoping to pick it up again this weekend.
  3. Above the waterfall by Ron Rash – I”m not sure how I feel about this one yet but it seems interesting so far. I’ve read a couple of chapters this afternoon and it’s alright.
  4. Reap the shadows (#4) by Annette Marie – I started this over the summer and wasn’t able to finish it so I’m hoping to get to it over Christmas break at some point
  5. Seven ways we lie by Riley Redgate – I haven’t started this one yet but it looks like it’s going to be a fast read hopefully.
  6. The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt – This is another one that I’ve been trying to get to since the summer and just haven’t been able to. I”m determined to get to it this month though.
  7. After you (#2) by Jojo Moyes -I liked me before you but I’m not sure about this one yet. I’ve read a few chapters and its alright so far.
  8. You (#1) by Caroline Kepnes -I started this one this week and am not quite sure what to think of it yet. It’s a little slow going but I’ll probably focus on it next week hopefully.
  9. Sinner (#4) by Maggie Stiefvater – The first three books in this series were alright but I’m not quite sure about this one. I’m hoping to make some progress with this one over the weekend though.


December TBR ebooks Part 2 currently reading

10. The Rosie Project (#1) by Graeme Simsion – I’ve started this one as well and its okay so far.

11. You will know me by Megan Abbott – I’ve never read anything by this author so I’d thought I would give it a try.

12. A Christmas Bride (#1) by Hope Ramsay – I needed a book that had a wedding in it for a challenge so I’d thought I would give it a try. This is usually not my type of novel but it seems like it is going to be interesting.

13. Dumplin’ (#1) by Julie Murphy -I also needed this one for a challenge so I’d thought I would try it. I’ve seen mixed reactions on it so I’m not entirely sure about it but I”m willing to give it a try.

14. Unleash the storm (#5) by Annette Marie – I still need to finish reap the shadows but I’m planning to finish this series hopefully.


Library books: 

December TBR library books currently reading part 2

  1. The Final Empire (#1) by Brandon Sanderson – I’ve already read a good bit in this one and kind of have mixed feelings about it but I am determined to finish it next week. I’ve heard a lot about this one so I’d thought  I would give
  2. Dream Fall (#1) by Amy Plum – I started this one this morning and it seems interesting so far. It’s definitely fast-paced though.
  3. Raging Star (#3) by Moira Young – I loved the first two books in this trilogy and am really looking forward
  4. Plague (#4) by Michael Grant –  I loved the first two books in this series and the third one was just okay so I’m hoping that this one will better.
  5. Traitor to the throne (#2) by Alwyn Hamilton – It’s taken me a while to get to this book but I’m hoping to enjoy it just as much as the first one.
  6. Wings of the wicked (#2) by Courtney Allison Moulton – This is my second attempt at reading this one so I’m hoping to get to it next week so I can finish it.


December TBR library books currently reading part 3

7. Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin – I needed an “E’ title so I went ahead and picked this one up.

8. Now I rise (#2) by Kiersten White – I loved the first book in this trilogy so  I went ahead and picked up this one as well.

9. Bright we burn (#3) by Kiersten White – I saw this one on the shelf and decided to go ahead and get it as well.

10. The murder complex (#1) by Lindsay Cummings – I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while so I’d thought I would go ahead and get it.

11. Until the beginning (#2) by Amy Plum –  I really enjoyed the first novel in this duology so I’m looking forward to seeing how this book ends.

12. You can trust me by Sophie McKenzie – I needed a “Y” title and this book popped up so I’d thought I’d go ahead and get it.


Netgalley books: 

Netgalley books

  1. Tess of the road by Rachel Hartman – I got this book last year and started it but never really got back to it. Character driven books take me a bit longer to get through but I’m determined to finish this book even if it takes me a while to finish.
  2. I’m not missing by Carrie Fountain – I thought this one would be interesting when I first got it but I’m not really sure. I’m hoping that once I get into it I’ll enjoy it more.
  3. Nyxia Unleashed (#2) by Scott Reintgen – I loved Nyxia when I read it so when I saw this one on NetGalley I knew that I had to have it. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to read it but I’m hoping to this month.


So this is what I have for my December TBR. I probably have more books than I know what to do with but i”m hoping to make a huge dent in my TBR and catch up on my reading goals for this year. A lot of the books that I picked out are books that I really want to read so I’m looking forward to most of them. I’m hoping to go back to my regular posting schedule over the next two or three weeks and I’m also hoping to squeeze in a couple of Christmas themed posts as well.

I hope you all have a good weekend!