Hey guys,

I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging way back in March and it kind of stuck around up until now. I really wanted to blog in April, I was extremely busy, and every time I thought about blogging I just never had the energy for it. I’m out of school right now and am waiting on final grades to come in, which should arrive this week. My dad is also getting married next weekend so we are in the process of moving things to the new house while I am working part-time as well

April was an extremely busy month for me as I was busy writing papers and doing a ton of reading for my classes. I think I read one book that I picked up on my Overdrive account, but the other two I read for school, though they were both really good. I’m way behind on my reading goal, though I did forget about it for a while. I like having a reading goal, though I’m thinking for next year I might not set one or have a smaller goal.


April wrap-up: 

Books read: 3 

Reading goal so far: 24/120 April Wrap-up.png

I picked up Little Monsters while looking for a standalone to read, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t scary, but I did love the mystery part of the story. Toward the end though, it did get slightly predictable, but overall I really enjoyed it. I am definitely looking forward to picking up more by this author.

I, unfortunately, read Dracula and No country for old men at the same time for school so I didn’t get to appreciate them quite as much as if I’d read them separately. I kind of had to speed through them due to falling a bit behind reading one week, but I was able to catch up. Both were really good though, and I really enjoyed the back story of Dracula. No country for old men was a little darker than I thought it would be, but I did enjoy the western themes and it was interesting.


May TBR: 

I have a long list of books that I want to catch up on this month since I wasn’t able to read as much through the semester. I probably have more than I will be able to get through, but I am reading through them systematically.

May TBR part 1

I am going through a huge star wars phase right now, which of course started during my last week of school right after they dropped the teaser trailer for Episode 9. I’ve decided to pick up the novelizations first, and then I may go back and read some of the other series that are out there if i can get them from my library. I also have a fanfiction story that I’ve started, and it’s probably one of my favorites out of all of the ones that I’ve started in the past for shows and anime. I finally finished Golden Son way back in March and am hoping to get to Morning star over the summer as well.

May TBR part 2

I’ve also started lord of shadows since it is the biggest book that I have so far and I have to finish it by tte end of next week since I have to take it back to the library before i move. Its okay so far, but i’m hoping it will pick up later in the novel. I’ve also made a lot of progress with The glittering court, and its alirght so far. I like the plot so far, but I”m not really a fan of the main character that much.


So this is what I have planned for May. I also have some reviews that I need to post so I am hoping to do that over the next week or so. I won’t really have access to the internet except through my phone so I am going to try and do as much as I can this week.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!