bout of books 2019

Since I forgot to update the first couple of days I”m going to do Mon/Tuesday in one post and then I will update for Wednesday in a different post.

Monday was a really good day for reading even though I really only read for about an hr or so. I also worked about 8 hrs and was super tired when i got home so I kind of lost some of the motivation that I had during the day.



Time spent reading:  About 1 hour

Number of pages I’ve read today: 90

Books I’ve read: I worked for most of the day, but I was able to read quite a few chapters of Lord of shadows (#2) by Cassandra Clare. It’s alright so far. I’m not really a fan of the characters that much, but the story itself is interesting so far.



I was off today so I was able to squeeze in some more reading than Monday.

Time spent reading: 2 hours

Number of pages I’ve read today: 206 in Siren’s song (#3) by Mary Weber, and about 50 pages in The Glittering court (#1) by Richelle Mead.

Total number of pages read so far: 346 pages.

Books I’ve read: I made a lot of progress in Siren’s Song (#3) by and am hoping to finish it over the next couple of days or so. I also read a few pages in the glittering court and while I enjoyed the first half of the story, I”m not really enjoying the second half as much.

I didn’t participate in either of the challenges this time.