Hey guys, sorry I’be so quiet. I’ve been wanting to post some updates but I’ve been incredibly busy, which was something that was kind of unexpected. My dad got married back in May and we have compelelty moved over to the new house that we are in now. I also started my job again tho this is the first week that I get to have an 8 hr shift. I’ve mostly been working four hrs a day for four or five days a week so I’m pretty excited about having more hrs this week.

I am still hoping to get another job or at least find something in my field of study. I did find out that my local library is hiring part time right now and it’s about 3 min from my school as well so I’m really hoping that I will be able to get a job there since it is the job that I am interested in.

When im not working I’m usually on the farm helping to feed the animals at night Or I’m so tired that I usually end up falling asleep. I’m hoping to get in some ideas over the next couple of week though, and I’ll be editing hen when I get back to school in August when I have better WiFi.

I just wanted to send out this update and I should have my May/June wrap-up/July TBR in a few days or so.


I hope y’all are having a good week so far.