This got out a lot later than I intended it to, but I am finally back in school and this week looks pretty quiet so I will be updating as much as I can from my summer posts. I’ll try not to post them all at once but i will have quite a few to get through this week. .

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. I’ve been hanging out with a friend over the last couple of days tho I am going back home tomorrow. I have to work later this week but I do have a couple of days off. I also have WiFi for a couple of days too so I am hoping to catch up on a couple of posts this afternoon. I think I have about three or four planned so I’ll try to get those out over the next few hrs or so. I honestly don’t know if it is because I am really busy this year or not but I just haven’t really read many books that I have really enjoyed so far. I read my most anticipated book in March though I have been able to finish up a couple of series which is really good. I have a ton of series that I would like to get through this year even though it will be a slow process.

May was kind of a slow month for reading. It got really busy toward the middle-end of the month when my dad got married  and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to read, though I was able to finish up some books that I had been trying to get to for a while. I did participate in the Bout of Books but I wasn’t able to finish updating due to losing WiFi that week. We have broadband at the house where I am so I can’t really go on the internet as much as I used to.


May Wrap-Up:

Number of books read this month: 5

Total number of pages read; 2,289

Books read toward reading goal: 29


Untitled design.png

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any favorites this month. I think I was starting to get tired of reading so many fantasy books at once that they were just kind of meh for me or something. I guess the one that I enjoyed more was Windwitch (#2) by Susan Dennard. I;m not sure if I will ever read the third novel but I might. I really wanted to love The glittering Court (#1) by Richelle Mead as it started out very strong but then started dragging toward the middle of the novel. Lord of shadows was also just kind of okay for me this month too. I may end up reading queen of air and darkness but I think i will be done with reading more books from this author.


June Wrap-up:

June ended up being a pretty big reading month for me this summer. I only worked about 20-22 hrs a week and while it was a bit of a stressful month, I did manage to squeeze in some really good novels and finish a couple of series as well. I’ve been systemically working my way through my challenges as I am still working on some from 2018 and am hoping to finish them this year. Since this is so late and i have so many for this month I will only be focusing on my top two favorite and least favorite ones. I also might add in one that I was surprised by as well.

Number of books read this month: 12

Number of books read yearly: 40 

Number of pages read: 4,955 

Types of Genres read: 

Manga: 3 

Fantasy: 4 

Contemporary: 2 

Horror: 1


June Wrap-up

I think my least favorite of this month is The upside of unrequited. I know a lot of people really enjoyed this one but I just had a hard time getting into it. I eventually ended up dnfing it because it just felt all over the place for me. I also didn’t really like the main character as well. Another one that  I greatly disliked was War storm (#4) by Victoria Aveyard. I was honestly surprised that there was a fourth book in this series. It was alright, I just wish that it had been a couple hundred pages shorter.

The one that I was most surprised by was Lock in (#1) by John Scalzi and it was definitely one of my favorites. I’ve noticed this year that I have had a hard time in fantasy, but I’ve had really good luck in Sci-fi. My other favorite novel was The Fall by Bethany Griffin and while I have tried to read other books by this author, this one was by far my favorite one. I think it came at the right time as well.


Well, this was my wrap-up for May and June. July was an even bigger reading month so i may end up having to split my July wrap-up/August TBR into two different posts.


I hope y’all are having a good week so far.