I hope you guys are having a good Tuesday. Its been a hectic week so far, but I am hoping that it will calm down soon. I am in the busiest time of my semester so its been one thing after the other and I was really surprised that I managed to get some reading done. I think I’ve finished about 5 books and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish another one by the end of the month unless I can squeeze in some time later in the week.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut the last couple of weeks and have been feeling a bit out of it. I get into these types of moods right around the middle of the semester especially when I am just doing the same type of schedule over and over again. We do have Spring Break in March in less than two weeks which will hopefully get me out of whatever rut I am in. This has kind of affected my reading a little bit and while I did read quite a few books they’ve all been kind of meh so far. I’ll explain more about that when my Wrap-up comes up at the end of week hopefully on Saturday. There is also a review that will go up tomorrow for an eArc that I got at the beginning of the month. I still want to do my end of the year posts and while I do have most of the things I need for those, I just have to find the time which will most likely be Spring break even though it will be three months into the new year. I also want to try some new things on my blog this year. I’ve been watching quite a bit of Booktube over the last few months and I haven’t gotten to the point where I am comfortable to start videos so I want to try some new things to see how it goes. I haven’t figured out what those are yet, but my first one will most likely be Spring break when I will have more time off to read.

Y’all might have also noticed that I have revamped my blog a good bit, though I am still tinkering with it a little bit. I recently bought the personal blog subscription on WordPress and while it is alright it really hasn’t given me much other other than taking off the ads. I’m debating about upgrading to the premium subscription and am curious to know if it is really worth it. I also moved all of my posts from the last few years to their right sections but for some reason it has caused my Wrap-up/TBR and Memes to become invalid in my customizer so I am not sure what that is all about but I might have to back in and redo some things to see if I can fix it when I have time.

I wish I could say that I will have some scheduled posts coming up but right now the only ones that will be up this week are two reviews that I need to put up. Other than that it might be sporadic until Spring Break or maybe even the summer. I will still be posting my TBR/wrap-ups though.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!