Long time no see…I hope you guys are having a good week so far. Tomorrow starts my work week but right now im just hanging out mentally preparing for work the next day. I know I disappeared from the internet for over a year and hadn’t expected to take that long of a hiatus, but I am feeling like writing again lately so here I am. I do need to give a disclaimer though as I do not know when I will feel like writing next but I am hoping to post more often than I have in the past.

Recently, I’ve just gotten back into reading after being in a 3 month reading slump after reading so much last year. I was getting to the point where i was getting a large stack of books from the library and only reading a few then having to renew them or not reading them at all, so I decided to take a break from reading in January. So far, Ive only read about 22 books compared to where I normally would be around 40-50 books by now. I have been enjoying the ones i’ve read so far though, and have been getting some old ones off my shelf so that’s a plus. I’m now working a 40hr work week job, have been for about a year now, so that has definitely been an adjustment but I am enjoying it so far. I’ve also recently got into diamond painting which has also brought down my reading a good bit and have been working on a big project since march that I may be finishing in July hopefully. And, after years of wanting the Nintendo switch I recently got one back in may and while it is an adjustment from playing with the 3ds console family, I’ve mostly gotten used to it. I’ve become addicted to the Devil May Cry franchise when i found it on sale recently (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to play it) and have spent many hrs playing it tho haven’t gotten too far since I started it.

June like all of the other months was a slow reading month but I did read a couple of sequels that ive been wanting to get to in a long time. July is going to be a little different though as I did go a little stir crazy in the library today and picked up quite a few books that I am excited about and have also added some books from my physical library to give myself some extra options. I’m hoping to get through some fantasy series that have been sitting on my shelves for a while though I have added some horror books and some standalones as well. I have some other post ideas that I am planning to post but as I said earlier I don’t know when I will feel like writing next but I will get them up soon.

While June was a slow reading month I did read some good ones and I am hoping that July is going to be a really good reading month but I don’t want to jinx myself so we’ll have to see how it goes.

July is a very ambitious tbr and I highly doubt I will get to all of these but I am hoping to get thru a good chunk of them. Im hoping to either finish or at least continue some that i’ve picked up recently. I’ve also got a good variety tho definitely more fantasy this time around then previous months as i feel like reading fantasy for the moment at least. And of course I may scrap half of my TBR for other books which is typical so we’ll see how it goes. Its looking like a good month at the moment though.

  1. The Wallflower Wager (#3) by Tessa Dare – I’m currently reading this one and enjoying it so far though I am only 75pg in. I may finish it over the next couple of days or so but im not 100% certain yet i did make some more progress today tho.
  2. Artificial Condition (#2) by Martha Wells – I’ve slowly reading through this one and am almost finished with it as well tho I did have to put in another hold on my overdrive again so i am just waiting on it in order to finish.
  3. Witchshadow (#4) by Susan Dennard – I’ve been loving this series ever since it came out and was able to find it on bookoutlet the last time I was on there.
  4. Extras (#4) by Scott Westerfeld – I haven’t really been enjoying this series and wasn’t going to pick it up but then decided on it anyways we’ll see how it goes.
  5. Winter War Awakening (#3) by Rosalyn Eves – This has been on my shelf for ages since I received an eArc for the first one when it came out and haven’t gotten to it yet…maybe this’ll be the month.
  6. The towering sky (#3) by Katherine McGee – I’ve started this one and have gotten pretty far in it but put it down again.
  7. The Kingdom of Copper (#2) by S.A.Chakraborty – I didn’t enjoy the City of Brass as much as I wanted to but I am intrigued enough to continue the series.
  8. Children of Virtue and Vengeance (#2) by Tomi Adeyemi – I wasn’t going to pick this one up either but decided to anyways even though I didn’t enjoy the first one as much. I am curious enough to see how it ends though.
  9. Desires of the dead (#2) by Kimberly Derting – Another series that has been on my shelf for a long freaking time so I think i’m maybe ready to continue the series this year hopefully.
  10. Beastly bones (#2) by William Ritter – I was a little surprised by Jackaby when I picked it up so I am interested in continuing the series to see where it goes.
  11. Sanctum (#2) by Madeleine Roux – I’m enjoying this trilogy a lot more than the House of Furies trilogy as I’ve tried to pick up court of shadows a couple of times but I’ll be interested to see what happens next in this one.
  12. The girl who played with fire (#2) by Stieg Larsson – It’s been a long time since i’ve picked up the girl with the dragon tattoo but i’ve slowly been collecting the rest of the series and am only missing one I think.

13. Devil’s advocate (#2) by Jonathan Maberry – This duo is apparently based on some of the x-files characters, which I admit never really got into but it is interesting. I gave the first one agent of chaos 3 star,

14. This savage song (#1) by Victoria Schwab – I’ve tried to pick up some of this author’s adult books **cough, cough – A darker shade of magic** but had a hard time getting into it when it was popular, but I pick her middle grade trilogy city of ghosts and actually really enjoyed it so much i added the other 2 books to my tbr. I’ve had this duo on my shelf for a while tho i took the 2nd one off since i was skeptical. I think im in the right mood at the moment to pick it up so we’ll see how it goes.

15. Berserker (#1) by Emmy Laybourne – I really enjoyed monument 14 by this author so id thought id give it a go. ive read the 1st couple of chapters so far and while I dont really have an opinion yet it seems interesting so far

16. The last magician (#1) by Lisa Maxwell – Another book that Ive owned on my physical TBR shelf for a few years and still keep meaning to get to it. i’m not a very big fan of time travel but i read the first 75 pages of this book and it is interesting but for whatever reason I put it down again. Here’s to hoping I might have the motivation to pick it up again this month.

17. Finlay Donovan is killing it (#1) by Ellie Cosimano – I’ve been hearing a lot about this one and decided to add it in though i don’t know if i will get to it this month or not.

18. Stillhouse Lake (#1) by Rachel Caine – Rachel caine is one of my all time favorite authors and i am just now getting to this series. I read the Morganville vampire series when I was in high school/beginning of college and loved it except for maybe the last 2 or 3 in the series not as much. I’ve also picked up the great library series and while I have yet to finish those yet, the first 3 were interesting. Its pretty short so it’ll be a nice break between some of the 500-600pg books I have planned.

19. Realm breaker (#1) by Victoria Aveyard – I wasn’t going to pick up another Aveyard book but of course couldn’t resist and decided to pick it up anyways. Not gonna lie im a little intimidated by how thick it is but it sounds interesting.

20 – Book lovers by Emily Henry – Another extremely popular book and my first Emily Henry book as well. Romance is not a favorite genre, but every once in a while I do find an author I really enjoy.

21. The hiding place by C.j. Tudor – I recently finished the chalkman back in may and while it took me 4 months to get to (thanks reading slump), I really enjoyed it and found this one at my local bookstore. its also short but whether or not I get to it this month is yet to be determined.

22. Unplugged (#1) by Donna Freitas – I’ve never heard of this book but I found it on bookoutlet and I needed a U title at the time when I saw it and it sounded interesting but I have very low expectations for it.

23. Long may she reign by Rhiannon Thomas – Another book that has been on my shelf for ages..literally and at the rate that im going this year with getting books off my shelves that have been there the longest I have very high hopes that I will get to this one this year.

24. Ask again yes by Marybeth Keane – i don’t even remember why or where I picked this one up and couldn’t tell you the plot either but it sounded interesting and the author has my name so thats cool.

25. Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore – Another book that sounded interesting at the time now Im a little weary of it but willing to give it a try. I actually saw this at my local walmart of all places.

26 – House of leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – and last but not least I added this one at the last minute only cause every body and their brother seems to be reading it and even tho I am hella terrified of it I am very much intrigued and ready to be scared out of my wits. Will I get to it this month idk but I want to def get to it either in July or August or at least start it.

Phew, that was a lot more than I thought it was but that’s all of what I am interested in getting to in July. Im definitely behind this year due to my reading slump but its been a good year for video games and diamond painting so thats a plus.

That’s all I got for now so I hope you guys have a great rest of the week/holiday as well, I’ll be doing over time for the holiday but I’ll still have a couple of days off so its not too bad I don’t have any plans over the weekend except to go see family, watch a Mario livestream that i watch every sun night and do my usual stuff over the weekend.