February Wrap-up/March TBR:

Well, February sure flew by fast. Its been a pretty hectic month as I am in the busiest part of my spring semester and I am honestly surprised that I managed to finish all of the books that I planned on reading this month. With Spring break so close, I’ve felt that I’ve been in a sort of a rut lately because I’ve had so much going on, I haven’t really had time to slow down and catch a break.

March is going to be just as busy, but I think things will slow down a little bit. Spring break starts next Friday for me and I only have one class that day instead of two like I normally would so that is different. I am driving down to my grandparents for the week but I’ll be at my aunts and uncle’s house since my grandparents will have a full house of company. I’m going to have to take work off that week but other than that I don’t think I’ll have any plans other than working on a major paper that is due the week we come back and lots of reading and sleeping.



February Wrap-up

I think this month has been the first month in a long while that I have managed to stick to my TBR and read all of the books on there with the exception of one that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to. The beginning of February was honestly so busy that I wasn’t sure if I was going to even get through three books, but I did and I am really glad to have some of these off my shelf. Even though I managed to read quite a few books there was really only one I fully enjoyed and all of the others were either 3.5-3 stars and even one 2 star. They weren’t bad books, I just didn’t enjoy them as much. I kind of had low expectations for this month with it being a busy time, but I am pretty happy with the amount of progress I made. I’ve also been trying to work my way through a few challenges on Goodreads that I have been working on for the last two years and my goal this year is to finish at least two of them.

February Stats

So far,  I’ve managed to read 7 books for both January and February, and the amount of pages are very close to each other with January having a few more pages read.


February Wrap-up

  1. Only lies remain by Val Collins – This was an ARC sent to my by BookSirens which I just discovered in January I think. It came out on February 19, 2020 and I’ll have my Goodreads review linked to it as well. It was okay. I liked the story and writing style of the author, but there was a little bit too much drama between the characters than I liked. I’m okay with some family drama in books like these but the conversations between the ex-husband and main character got a bit repetitive after a while (3.5 stars).
  2. The invited by Jennifer McMahon – So this was one of my anticipated books of the first half of the year and one of my 5 star predictions. Sadly this one was not one of my top favorites. I thought itI  was interesting at first, and I really loved the history part of the story. The only thing that I couldn’t get into was the characters. I couldn’t connect to any of them and that made it hard to get through the rest of the story. The major reveal at the end also didn’t make much sense. I think my expectations were set a little too high for this one and it left me feeling a bit dissapointed that I didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to (3 stars).
  3. Sleeping Giants (#1) by Sylvain Neuvel – This one was a complete surprise. I remember when it came out and I was a bit skeptical so I never picked it up. While it wasn’t a five star read for me, it was still very interesting and the science just enough to where I could get into it without feeling lost. I also liked the format which was a collection of interviews and thoughts of the main characters. I’m also super curious by who the main person behind this whole project was. I’m debating about picking up the second one in March but I haven’t figured out my full TBR yet so it might be one that I get to on a whim. This is one I would definitely recommend.
  4. Sinner (#4) by Maggie Stiefvater – This was one of those that I’ve tried countless times to read over the last couple of years and it was always one of those that kept getting taken back to the library because I’d run out of time in reading it. This month was apparently the month that I chose to read it and once I got into it I really wasn’t a huge fan of it. I think if I had read it closer to it release date I might have enjoyed it more. I was a fan of Cole throughout the wolves of mercy falls trilogy, but I am not sure if this one was really needed (2 stars).
  5. You think it, I’ll say it by Curtis Sittenfeld – This one was actually a DNF for me and my first DNF of the year so far. I think this was the case of “its not you its me,” or it could just be one those books where I was not the target audience. I thought it was be interesting, but after the third or fourth short story it started blurring together and that was when I decided to put it down. This was a new author for me, though starting off with their analogies might not have been the best idea. I might try their works later but right now I am not sure if I would enjoy them or not (2.5 stars).
  6. Grim Tuesday (#2) by Garth Nix – I picked up this series a few months ago, and its alright so far. I think if I had picked this series up when I was in high school I might have enjoyed it more, but now it just seems like the author tried to pack to many things into such a short novel. I do plan to finish the entire series since I am reading it for a challenge that I am trying to finish, but I am not sure if I would have picked it up otherwise. I would definitely recommend it for someone just starting out in the fantasy genre though (3 stars).
  7. You’re still the one (#1) by Rachel Harris – This one is definitely not something I would pick up on a regular basis, but I figured since it was February I could read a contemporary novel and I did need an extra “Y” title so it worked out. I also really liked that it focused on music along with the romance. I also didn’t feel like the romance overtook the story too much like it does in some books that I have read before. Overall, it was a fast read and a nice break from all of the mystery and Sci-fi books that I have been reading so far. Rachel Harris is also a new author for me and I will be interested in picking up more novels by her.


Overall February was a good month of reading and I was surprised by how much I was able to read in between all of the papers I had to write this month. I’m hoping that in March I will be able to a few more books with Spring break coming up, but we’ll have to see where it goes.


March TBR

March is going to be an interesting month. It’s either going to be busier than February or I might not have as much to do at least in a couple of my classes. We also have Spring break starting next Friday which I will hopefully be able to knock out some reading then. I do have a few major projects to do but at least I won’t have class which will be nice. I have an overly ambitious TBR this month but since I am a mood reader, I wanted to give myself a larger TBR this month than February and January. For this month I will mostly be focusing on books that I currently own but there are a couple of library books that I want to get as well.


March TBR 3 ebooks

  1. A million worlds with you (#3) by Claudia Gray – I randomly picked this one up when I saw it available on my Overdrive and wasn’t sure when I would get another chance to read it. I’m not a big fan of this trilogy so it will be nice to finish my second series of the year since this year I really want to focus more on some of my backlist books.
  2. You were made for this by Michelle Sacks – I’m not sure about this novel yet, but I am going through a mystery phase right now so I thought I would try it.
  3. Always Emily by Michaela MacColl – A fun fact, I’ve never read any of the Bronte sister’s novels…I don’t get to read classics very often but this one seems interesting and I definitely need a short novel in between all of the 400+ sci-fi books that I have planned for the month.


Books I own 

March TBR Books I own (1)

  1. Scythe (#1) by Neal Shusterman – I tried to read this one last year I believe, and it just wasn’t the right time for me to pick it up. I finally got a copy from bookoutlet so I thought I would try it especially since it’s gotten a lot of hype over the last couple of months.
  2. The good girls (#2) by Sara Shepard – This book has been sitting on my Goodreads TBR for the last four years and I have no idea why I haven’t picked it up yet. I have to reread The perfectionists but I am hoping to get to this one once Spring Break starts.
  3. The mime order (#2) by Samantha Shannon – I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed The bone season that I decided to order this one off bookoutlet. I’ve been wanting to start it for the last couple of weeks but I have been holding off until spring break since I’ve had to focus on other things.
  4. Plague (#4) by Michael Grant – This is another book that has been sitting on my shelf for four years and I finally ordered a copy of it. I read the third book last summer so my plan is to finish the rest of the series this year.
  5. Blood of elves (#1) by Andrzej Sapkowski – I loved the first two novellas of this series and the first couple of episodes of The Witcher on Netflix but I am terrible at continuing series even though I own the first three and still haven’t really picked this one up. I am not sure if I will be able to pick it up in March but I added it just in case I had extra time and read more than I plan to.


Library books

These are books that I am hoping to get at the library but I won’t be able to pick them up until Friday.

March TBR 2 - library books

  1. The perfectionists (#1) by Sara Shepard – I read this a couple of years ago after finishing the Pretty little liars series and thought it was really good. It’s been ages since I have been able to get to the second book but I finally have a copy of it, so it is a priority this month to finish both books.
  2. Middlegame by Seanan McGuire – This book has gotten a lot of hype on Booktube lately and I am interested to see where I land on the spectrum of either really liking it or not liking it. I’m predicting that I will enjoy it since I am going through a Sci-fi phase right now.
  3. You slay me (#1) by Katie MacAlister – This is yet another book that has been sitting on my shelf since 2015 and I just never got around to it. I figured that this would be the year that I would either read it or take it off my shelf.
  4. Four weeks, five people by Jennifer Yu – This sounds like an interesting novel so I thought I would go ahead and pick it up in between all of the Sci-fi and mystery books that I am reading right now.
  5. Lock every door or Final girls by Riley Sager – I haven’t figured out which novel I want to read yet, but I have heard a lot about these novels so I thought I would try it I also realized that I might not be able to get Lock every door from my library so I will probably pick up final girls.


So this is what I have planned for March. I also have some goals that I want to accomplish during Spring break along with all of the reading and homework that I will have, but I will know more once I start break next week.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend and have a great start to the new week.



March Wrap-Up/April TBR:

March was a very good reading month for me as I was able to catch on a lot of books that were for Netgalley, review or on my Kindle and I was able to make my currently reading shelf much smaller than it was at the beginning of the month. I also made a lot changes to my blog although there are still a few minor changes that I need to make.

For April I just plan on working on books that I for review and on my kindle so I can start with new books in May. I will also be busy finishing up papers and getting ready for exams and graduation so I am not sure how many books I will be able to read this month.


March Wrap-up: 

Total books read: 12

Reading challenge: 28/165

Books read:

161167601 148114681 204274491 17178901  306796831 31020402 222968221 243780151 191388794 2479603 10445208 28459688


  1. Silence (#1) by Natasha Preston (4 stars)
  2. Shards and ashes by Melissa Marr (3 stars)
  3. Relentless (#1) by Karen Lynch (3 stars)
  4. Pandora hearts Vol. 1 by Jun Mochizuki (4 stars)
  5. Johnny and Jamaal by K. M. Breakey (4.5/5 stars) –  review
  6. Blood rose rebellion (#1) by Rosalyn Eves (4 stars)
  7. The edge of everything (#1) by Jeff Giles (3 stars)
  8. Never, Never (Part 1) by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher (4 stars)
  9. Attack on Titan: No Regrets Vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama, Hikaru Suruga, and Gan Sunaaka (3 stars)
  10. Clotel: or the President’s daughter by William Wells Brown (4 stars)
  11. Touch of power (#1) by Maria V. Snyder (4 stars)
  12. November rain (#1) by Shannon A. Thompson (4 stars) – I will have a review up for this one in the next few days or so.




April TBR: 

Currently reading:

33126987 31423684 28459694 16141351


33820600 22586972

So this is what I have planned for April. I am not sure how much reading I will be able to do as I will be finishing up school for the semester but I hope to get caught up on my currently reading shelf again and I will also hopefully have a few reviews up as well.


February Wrap-up/ March TBR:

This month has been really busy and I definitely have more homework now but I did manage to finish most of the books that I wanted to finish by the end of the month although I was surprised by how much progress I was able to make this month.

I am not sure how busy March is going to be yet but I will have a research paper that I need to start and a couple of projects in my Website design class but I do have Spring break and even though I will probably have homework I will try to finish a few books that I have been working on.

Total books read: 10

12872080  22628   6487308   23232 278832141 250812611

28321033          22510983

20578940           9361589

  1. Darkness before dawn (#1) by J.A. London (4 stars) – I wasn’t sure about this one at first but once I got into the story I was definitely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I will definitely continue the series although I am not sure when I will get to them yet.
  2. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (4 stars) – I listened to this as an audio book on my computer and even though it took me a long time to finish I was very glad that I read it and I would definitely recommend it.
  3. Fallen (#1) by Lauren Kate (3 stars) – This one is technically a reread but it had been a while since I had read it and even though i didn’t enjoy it as much I will still continue the series this year hopefully.
  4. The realm of possibility by David Levithan – This is the first book by David Levithan that I have read and even though I didn’t enjoy it as much I will still recommend it.
  5. Caraval (#1) by Stephanie Garber (4.5/5 stars) – This is definitely already on my favorite books list for the year and I am really excited for the second book. This one that I would definitely recommend.
  6. Poison’s kiss (#1) by Breeana Shields (5 stars) -Ever since I first read about this book I knew I would want to read it and I absolutely loved it. This is one I would definitely recommend as well.
  7. One was lost by Natalie D. Richards (4 stars) – I got this one from Netgalley last year and even though it took me a long time to finish I am glad that I was able to read it.
  8. Girl online (#1) by Zoe Sugg (4 stars) – This one also took me a log time to read and even though I wasn’t sure about it at first it was okay. I’m not sure if I will continue the trilogy or not yet but if I can get the second book I might try it.
  9. The iron trial (#1) by Holly Black (4 stars) – This is my first book by Holly Black and it was pretty good. I have the second book on my TBR shelf so I will probably continue the series at some point hopefully.
  10. The night circus by Erin Morgenstern (4 stars) – I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I wanted to but I am glad that I was able to read it.

March TBR:

My goal this month is to continue reading all of the Netgalley books and books i have received from authors. I did add a couple of books to my list for the month but I am going to add any new books until I finish a few more on my currently reading shelf:

Netgalley books:

222968221 31020402 31423684

  1. The edge of everything (#1) by Jeff Giles
  2. Blood rose rebellion (#1) by Rosalyn Eves
  3. Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

Books I’ve gotten from authors:

30679683 28459688 28459694 33126987

  1. Johnny and Jamaal by K.M. Breakey – I have been reading this one slowly but have made some progress with it and so far it is okay.
  2. November rain (#1) by Shannon A. Thompson – I’ve only read a few pages of this one so far but it is pretty good.
  3. November snow (#2) by Shannon A. Thompson
  4. Tara and the Giant queen by Gita V. Reddy – So far this one is also pretty good even though I have only read a few pages.

Books I am still reading:

9361589 5287473 20427449 16116760 9888775 19057  14811468 247960 10445208 24378015 22586972 1717890

Possible TBR for March:

12930 6574102

So this is what i have planned for March. I am not sure how much I will be able to finish but I am hoping to finish a few by the end of the month.

What do you have planned for March?

January Wrap-Up/February TBR:

This month was a slow reading month but I was able to make some progress with my currently reading shelf. My goal this month is to finish the books on my shelf and if I can’t finish them then I will add them back on my TBR until the summer when I am not in school, although the only books that will stay on my shelf are A clash of kings and the netgalley books that i am reading. I did add some more books and also got some books from authors and will start on those this week.

Total Books read: 6

4 stars:

26150713 24465724 3682 203091751

  1. The Crown (#5) by Kiera Cass – I thought this book was okay but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did The Selection series. I am glad I was able to finish it though and it is one I would definitely recommend.
  2. Happily Ever after (novellas) by Kiera Cass – I definitely enjoyed this one and can’t believe that it took me so long to get to even though it didn’t take me very long to finish it. This is one I would definitely recommend if you love The Selection series.
  3. A great and terrible beauty (#1) by Libba Bray – I wasn’t sure about this one at first but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I will definitely be reading more by this author hopefully later this year.
  4. My True love gave to me: Twelve Holiday stories by Stephanie Perkins/other authors – This was another book that I wasn’t sure about at first but i decided to give it a try and was definitely surprised. While I didn’t enjoy some of the stories that were in here, there were quite a few that I did enjoy. This is one I would definitely recommend.

3 stars:

189302772 6006518

  1. Planet Urth (#1) by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci – I didn’t really enjoy this one that much even though it sounded pretty good at first. I have no idea if I will continue the series or not but if I can get them I may try the second book to see if it is better.
  2. Strange angels (#1) by Lili St. Crow –  I thought this one was okay but the only thing that I didn’t enjoy that much was the language although there was a lot of action in it. I do have most of the books in this series on my TBR shelf so i will definitely try the second one to see if I still enjoy it.

Books I am still currently reading but hope to finish this month:

10572 28321033 22628 9361589

22510983 7108001 161413512 6487308

20578940          12872080          5287473

250812611 23232

Poison’s kiss and The realm of possibility were technically on my Feb. TBR but I decided to go ahead and read them early. I’m hoping to finish them later this week.

February TBR:

278832141 9888775

222968221 247960

I got Caraval this morning and am really excited about it. I will hopefully start it later this afternoon, and the edge of everything is a netgalley book so I will have a review up for it once I finish it as well.

Books up for review

30679683 33126987 28459688 28459694

I am not sure if I will have all of these finished by the end of the month since i usually give myself two months from when i get them but I will try to have a couple of reviews up once I finish each book.

So this is what I have planned for February. I’m not sure what the month will bring as i am sure that there will be some change but I am hoping to finish a few books this month.

What books are you planning on reading for February?

2017 Books Bucket list – 100 books that I want to read this year:

So I am planning on doing this again for 2017. I  wasn’t able to finish my list last year so i added the ones that I didn’t get to along with some new books as well.  This year I plan on trying to finish those books that I have had on my shelf for a long time. I also plan on reading  books that will work for challenges that I need to finish.


*Just a heads up that I am currently going through my TBR shelf and deleting a lot of books. Since there are so many (around 38) I will be adding some new books that have been on my list for a while.

  1. The Reece Malcolm list by Amy Spalding
  2. Wings of the wicked (#2) by Courtney Allison Moulton
  3. Monument 14 (#1) Emmy Laybourne – Finished: 5/20/17 
  4. A brief chapter in my impossible life by Dana Reinhardt
  5. Deja Dead (#1) by Kathy Reichs – currently reading
  6. Death ju Jour (#2) by Kathy Reichs
  7. Deadly Decisions (#3) by Kathy Reichs
  8. Mister Monday (#1) by Garth Nix
  9. Will Grayson, Will Grayson  by John Green – Finished: 5/31/17 
  10. Ashes to ashes (#3) by Jenny Han – Finished: 6/15/17 
  11. Lies (#3) by Michael Grant
  12. Plague (#4) by Michael Grant
  13. Don’t stop now by Julie Halpern
  14. The Darlings are forever (#1) by Melissa Kantor
  15. Champion (#3) by Marie Lu – Finished: 7/5/17 
  16. The rose society (#2) Marie Lu – Finished: 8/7/17 
  17. The sweet life of Stella Madison by Lara Deloza
  18. The fall by Bethany Griffin
  19. Lock in (#1) by John Scalzi
  20. Privilege (#1) by Kate Brian – Finished: 5/18/17 
  21. Talon (#1) by Julie Halpern – Finished: 7/8/17 
  22. The eternity cure (#2) by Julie Halpern – Finished: 8/13/17
  23.  The haven by Carol Lynch Williams
  24. Blackout (#1) by Robison Wells
  25. Free to fall Lauren MIller
  26. The realm of possibility by David Levithan – Finished: 2/5/17
  27. Sinner (#4) by Maggie Stiefvater – currently reading
  28. The raven king (#4) by Maggie Stiefvater
  29. Mostly good girls by Leila Sales – Finished: 8/6/17 
  30. Tiger’s voyage (#3) by Colleen Houck – currently reading
  31.  Tiger’s Destiny (#4) by Colleen Houck
  32. A storm of swords (#3) by George R.R. Martin
  33. Out of my  mind by Sharon M. Draper
  34. I am the messenger Markus Zusak
  35.  The Lost hero (#1) by Rick Riordan – Finished: 6/11/17 
  36. The darkest part of the forest by Holly black
  37. Ice kissed (#2) by Amanda Hocking
  38. Crystal kingdom (#3) by Amanda Hocking
  39. Switched (#1) by Amanda Hocking
  40. Golden son (#2) by Pierce Brown
  41. Dark flame (#4) by Alyson Noel
  42. The forest of hands and teeth (#1) by Carrie Ryan
  43. November 9 by Colleen Hoover – Finished: 8/4/17 
  44. Darkness before dawn (#1) by J.A. London- Finished: 2/1/17
  45. The Rosie Project (#1) by Graeme Simsion
  46. The black key (#3) by Amy Ewing
  47. Ruined (#1) by Amy Tintera
  48. Unspoken (#1) by Sarah Rees Brennan – Finished: 8/16/17 
  49. Siege and storm (#2) by Leigh Bardugo – currently reading
  50. Ruin and rising (#3) by Leigh Bardugo
  51. This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp – Finished: 12/20/17 
  52. The serpent king by Jeff Zentner
  53. The girl with the dragon tattoo (#1) by Stieg Larsson – Finished: 12/13/17 
  54. Uprooted by Naomi Novik
  55. Stone cold touch (#2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  56. Outpost (#2) by Ann Auguirre
  57. Armada by Ernest Cline
  58. The winter people Jennifer McMahon – currently reading
  59. Inescapable (#1) by Amy A. Bartol – Finished: 7/16/17 
  60. Fever crumb (#1) by Philip Reeve
  61. In the Afterlight (#3) by Alexandra Bracken – Finished: 7/4/17
  62. Wanted (#8) by Sara Shepard
  63. Twisted (#9) by Sara Shepard
  64. Ruthless (#10) by Sara Shepard
  65. Sweet Evil (#1) by Wendy Higgins – Finished: 8/9/17 
  66. Sweet Peril (#2) by Wendy Higgins
  67. Slither (#11) by Joseph Delaney – Finished: 5/30/17 
  68. I am Alice (#12) by Joseph Delaney – Finished: 6/12/17 
  69. Fury of the seventh Son (#13) by Joseph Delaney – Finished: 6/12/17 \
  70. Angel burn (#1) by L.A. Weatherly
  71. BZRK (#1) by Michael Grant
  72. Alive (#1) by Scott Sigler
  73. Eve (#1) by Anna Carey
  74. The epidemic (#0.6) by Suzanne Young
  75. Panic by Lauren Oliver
  76. The scorpion rules (#1) by Erin Bow
  77. Vampire Kisses (#1) by Ellen Schreiber – currently reading
  78. Marked (#1 by P.C. Cast
  79. Crooked Kingdom (#2) by Leigh Bardugo – Finished: 7/19/17
  80. Raging star (#3) by Moira Young
  81. Carry on by Rainbow Rowell
  82. The thousandth floor (#1) by Katharine McGee
  83. A million suns (#2) by Beth Revis
  84. Flamecaster (#1) by Cinda Williams Chima – Finished: 7/15/17
  85. Salt & Stone (#2) by Victoria Scott
  86. Nevernight (#1) by Jay Kristoff – currently reading
  87. Now I rise (#2) by Kiersten White
  88. Wintersong (#1) by Jae-Jones S.
  89. Defy (#1) by Sara B. Larson
  90. We are all made of molecules by Susin Nielsen
  91. Warcross (#1) by Marie Lu – currently reading
  92. Dreams of Gods & Monsters (#3) by Laini Taylor – Finished: 7/6/17 
  93. Windwitch #2) by Susan Dennard
  94. The diviners (#1) by Libba Bray
  95. Illuminae (#1) by Amie Kaufman – Finished: 6/16/17
  96. The hundredth queen (#1) by Emily R. King – Finished: 11/28/17 
  97. Frozen tides (#4) by Morgan Rhodes – Finished: 5/6/17 
  98. La Belle Sauvage (#1) by Philip Pullman – Finished: 12/21/17 
  99. Tower of dawn (#6) by Sarah J. Maas – Finished: 12/17/17
  100. A torch against the night (#2) by Sabaa Tahir – Finished: 7/25/17 

July Mid-Month Update – What I have read so far:

So July has been kind of slow lately as I have been busy getting some stuff ready for the fall semester and I had a a lot of homework due as well. I am slowly catching up though and am hoping to read a few more books this weekend even though I also have to study for a test in my history class on Monday.

Total books read so far: 9

Amount of books I still have to read: 16

18006496  386187 25700544 2257949 6460012               22900446  530848  7204652 24435364


  1. Queen of shadows (#4) by Sarah J. Maas – I finally finished this book after reading it for most of the year but I still really enjoyed it. There should be a review coming up for this one sometime next week.
  2. Midnight in the Garden of good and evil: A Savannah Story by John Berendt – I did not have this on my list at first and i ended up finding this one on my overdrive account while looking for a title that started with midnight for a team challenge that I have been doing and it was pretty good. This is also my first true crime book and I would definitely recommend it.
  3. Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale (#1) by David Kudler – I saw this on Netgalley while looking for new books and I really loved it.I rated this one 4 stars.
  4. The quest begins (#1) by Erin Hunter – I’ve had this book on my shelf fora while and i decided to read it for the team challenge that I am doing. I didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much as I enjoyed the other books by Erin hunter but I would definitely recommend it.
  5. Darker than black (Vol. 1-2) by BONES – I didn’t quite enjoy this one as much but I think its because I haven’t watched the anime show yet although I am not sure. I would still recommend this one though.
  6. An uncertain choice (#1) by Jody Hedlund – I did not like this one but i am glad that I read it.
  7. Eighth grade bites (#1) by Heather Brewer – I picked this one for the team challenge as well and I am really glad that I. It was a fast read and i am excited to see what happens next in this series.
  8. Code:Breaker (Vol.1) by Akimine Kamijyo – I also didn’t enjoy this one as much as i wanted to but i am thinking about continuing it.
  9. Yield the night (#3) by Annette Marie – i picked up this series on Netgalley back in February and while it did take me a while to read I am glad I did. I am looking forward to getting the next two in this series and would highly recommend it. There should be a review up for this one as well by next week.

Books I plan to finish this weekend:

3535946 20560137 23299513 15703337 3047848

I am not sure how much reading I will be able to do as I still have to study for a test and do some other stuff but I am hoping to finish at least one of these either today or tomorrow.

Next week:

Monday – Queen of shadows Review

Tuesday – Steel & Stone trilogy Review

June Wrap-Up and July Books:

So June was a really good month even though I had school as well. I ended up getting 19 books read and I made a lot of progress with series that I am working on and I was able to make some progress with a few challenges that i have been working on. I am also really excited for July even though I have to go to class every day. I ended up picking way more books than i originally planned this month which seems to happen when I don’t have a normal schedule like I do during the school year. So here is some of what I read in June and what I am planning to read this month.

Total # of books read: 19

My least favorite genre in June seemed to be Contemporary romance so for July I focused on getting books in the fantasy genre or science fiction-dystopian genre.

Top favorite books for June:

23437156 16131489 23871421

  1. Six of Crows (#1) by Leigh Bardugo – I bought this a while ago with some gift cards that I got for Christmas and it took me a while to get to but I am glad that I read this book.It took me a little while to get into but once I did I couldn’t put it down and rated it 5 stars. Leigh Bardugo is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait until the second book comes out.
  2. The last star (#3) by Rick Yancey – I saw this at my library and knew i had to get it even though it has been about a year since I have read the first 2 books in this trilogy. I was a little confused at first which was part of the reason that i had rated it 4 stars but I may eventually reread this series once I work my way through a few others. I would definitely recommend it though.
  3. Bind the soul (#2) by Annette Marie – I found this trilogy on Netgalley and it didn’t take me long to read the first one but this one took me a little longer.I did love it once I got to it and ended up rating it 5 stars.I would definitely recommend this whole series.

Books that still need to be finished:

18006496  25700544 24435364 3535946 12866426 7204652 6460012 22900446


Books for July:

386187 17399160 8235178  23299513 17559041 20443235 530848 2257949 16150830 20560137 6581511 8709524 13138736 9917945 3047848 jkt_9780545334747.indd 318016 23277669 8069535

So this is what I have planned for July. I might have a couple more to this list but i am hoping to focus on most of these this month. I am not sure exactly how much reading I will be able to do but I am hoping to read as much as I can.

What books do you have planned for July?



Monthly updates – June books:

Since May was a really good month for me I went a little bit overboard this month to see if I could make some more progress with challenges and series that I am currently working on. So here is my list for June:

Books that I have to finish in June:

26538150 25218998 28699026   13414446  106085  6690979 1898882 23871421 24435364

Of Scions and men (#1) by Courtney Sloan, False idols (#1) by Alexis Grove, Hatred day (#1) by T.S. Pettibone, Bind the Soul (#2) by Annette Marie and Yield the night (#3) by Annette Marie are all Netgalley books that I have kind of neglected as I have had so many other things going on and haven’t had much time to read them. I do have a week off before I have to go back to work and while I will have hw to do for my summer classes I can do those anytime during the day and i have a readathon to do so I am planning on reading them this week. Prodigy (#2) by Marie Lu and Masquerade (#2) by Melissa de la Cruz were the two books that I didn’t get to finish in May and I am hoping to have those finished this weekend as well along with the two manga books that I have.

Books that I plan on reading for challenges on Goodreads:

448873 10662420 13042154  20549288  15802883 9833184 7539827 3535946 964415111875502  18599770  16068910

Ebooks that I am hoping to get to:

17927395 10572 22900446  3682 499602  12866426

Other books that i am going to attempt to read:

10964 18006496 23437156  15755296

So this is what I have so far. I am hoping to get to all of them but it does depend on how busy I get with school and work.


Monthly updates: May Books that I finished:

May was a really good month for me as I ended up reading a lot more than I thought I would and I was able to finish a couple of series that i have been trying to get to and I made progress with quite a few challenges that I had on Goodreads. My 21st birthday was also this week and I had a fun time just hanging out with my family and trying new wines.

This month I ended up reading:

  1. Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer (5 stars) – This was really good. I enjoyed reading this series and while I am sad to have finished it I am also glad as it was a very good ending to this series. I would definitely recommend this whole series.
  2. Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare (5 stars) – This was another great start of a series by this author. It really made me want to reread all the original series again and I would definitely recommend this one as well.
  3. Shadows/Opposition (Lux #0.5, 5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (5 stars) – I had a really hard time getting through this entire series for some reason but I very glad i finished it. I would definitely recommend this one if you enjoy books about aliens.
  4. This is not a drill by Beck Mcdowell (4 stars) – I was a little surprised by this one but it was still pretty good. I have never read anything by this author but if i can find another one of her books at my library then i might be interested in reading more.
  5. Lola and the boy next door (Anna and the French kiss #2) by Stephanie Perkins (4 stars) – I don’t really like this series that much but I am interested to see what happens in the last book.
  6. Impulse (Impulse #1) by Ellen Hopkins (4 stars) – This one was not as great as the crank trilogy but it was still okay.
  7. Truthwitch (The witchlands #1) by Susan Dennard (4 stars) – I was a little disappointed in this one but I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next installment.
  8. Nightshade (Nightshade #1) by Andrea Cremer (4 stars) = This was a reread for me but it had been so long since i had last read it and I still needed to read the other two books in this series that I decided to reread it.
  9. Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (4 stars) – This one wasn’t quite as good as the last book but it still had a lot of action in it and I enjoyed reading it.
  10. Rage of the fallen (The Last Apprentice/Wardstone chronicles #8) by Joseph Delaney (4 stars) – This book was okay. It wasn’t quite as good as the books before it but I enjoyed reading it and I am planning on reading the next one in this series
  11. Killer (Pretty little liars #6) by Sara Shepard (4 stars) – This book in the series was just kind of meh. I had a bit of a hard time liking the characters and thought about rating it 3 stars but the ending did bump it up to 4 stars. I am taking a short break from this series as I have to read another one of Sara shepard’s books to finish a challenge on Goodreads in June but I am really excited to see what happens in the next book.
  12. Evil genius (Genius #1) by Catherine Jinks (4 stars) – I picked this one up on a whim at the library as I needed an E for a challenge on Goodreads and I am glad I read it. I was really surprised by how much i enjoyed reading it. There were definitely a few parts where i had a hard time with the main character but it was still pretty good and i would recommend it.
  13. How to say goodbye in robot by Natalie Standiford (4 stars) – This one was okay. It did not take me very long to get through it but I couldn’t really connect with the main character that much.
  14. You are here by Jennifer E. Smith (4 stars) – I had a harder time reading this book than I thought I would but I am glad that I read it.
  15. Through the woods by Emily Carroll (4 stars) – This was really different for me but i enjoyed reading it. It was more of a comic strip book and did not take me very long to read once i got to it.
  16. Matched (Matched #1) by Ally Condie (3 stars) – I didn’t really enjoy this book that much. It was just really slow and not much happened until the very end of the book. I am hoping going to read the next two books in this trilogy to see what happens next.
  17. Biggest flirts (Superlatives #1) by Jennifer Echols (3 stars) – I also had a hard time with this book and didn’t enjoy it as much as I originally wanted to.
  18. Drowned (Drowned (#1) by Nichola Reilly (2 stars) – I really did not like this book. I really wanted to since the summary sounded good but I just had no motivation to read it although I did finish it. I almost got close to a reading slump with this one though and i am very glad to have it off my shelf as it filled quite a few spots in challenges on Goodreads.

So this was what I read for May and while there were a few downers for this month I was able to read a few really good books. i am super excited for June though and while i probably have way more than I probably should I can’t wait to see how much progress I make with my list.


Monthly Updates:

So I plan on doing a Monthly Update during the first week of the month and on the last Friday or Saturday at the end of the month. This is where I will post what i’ve read so far, What I am currently reading and what books I am hoping to read next. I will also add any reviews that I didn’t do during the month.

Books I read for January:

i made a lot more progress than I thought I would since I also started school again on the 11th. Things have been busy since then but so far I have managed to read 12 books and I still have possibly 3-4 more to go for the month. i don’t have as much homework this semester than I did last semester but I do have a lab this time which means I have late nights during the week but this also means that I have more time to read for the moment.

So far I read: Deliverance (Defiance trilogy #3) by C.J. Redwine which was an awesome fantasy trilogy that I have been trying to finish all year. After that I finished Angelfire(Penryn and the end of days #1) by Susan Ee which was really good, This shattered world (Starbound #2) by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner, this one was also really good, Leviathan (Leviathan #1) by Scott Westerfeld which was okay, Ender’s Game (The Ender Quintet #1) I have very mixed feelings about this one but I may continue it to see what happens, An abundance of katherines by John Green, this one was also okay, Hunger (Gone #2) by Michael Grant and while these book are pretty thick they do have a lot of action in them, Serafina and the black Cloak (Serafina #1) by Robert Beatty, this one was more for a younger audience but was really good, And then things Fall apart by Arlaina Tibensky, I didn’t really enjoy this book that much but I needed it for quite a few challenges on Goodreads so it worked out for that, Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young, I really like this author but I am still not sure about this book, Daughter of Smoke and bone (Daughter of smoke and bone #1) this was one of those books that took me a while to get to because I always had a ton of series or other books that I was reading but it was really good, and finally Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles #1) by Amanda Hockings, this one was different but it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

Books I’m currently reading: Storm Siren (Storm Siren #1) by Mary Weber, Five-Seven-Five (The boy with Words #1) by C.E. Wilson, Fell (The Sight #2) by David Clement-Davies, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee, Inkheart (inkworld #1) by Cornelia Funke and The Banished of Muirwood (Covenant of Muirwood #1) by Jeff Wheeler.