Rating system

I usually read YA books but I also read some NA and will occasionally read Manga as well. My Favorite YA genres are Fantasy, Paranormal, Sc-Fi, Horror and Contemporary Romance but I will read just about anything that sounds interesting.

A note for authors – I am now accepting reviews.

I have given myself a maximum of 2 months to finish book requests but I can usually finish some books within a few weeks depending on how busy I am with school.

Rating system:

1 star – This book was not that great and I may or may not finish it.
2 stars – This book was meh but if it was a series i will probably continue just to see what happens next and if it gets better.
3 stars – This book was ok but it could have been better
4 stars – This book was really good.
5 stars – This book was AMAZING! The author usually ends up getting added to my favorite authors list and i would usually recommend it to others.

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